Thursday, August 26, 2010

Handmade Gifts

Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for checking out my blog and taking a look at the items I have to offer.

The holidays are approaching soon and my handmade crafts can be a perfect addition to the gifts you give.
Almost everything can be customized to suit your wants and needs, and prices can be negotiated.

Why am I doing this?
First of all, I love to craft and make things that make people happy.
I also love the idea of kids having handmade toys.
The biggest reason though, Josh and I want to have another baby.
I think everyone knows that the process of IVF is very, very expensive. In order to have a chance at getting pregnant again, we need to raise about $6,000. I figured if I love crafting, I may as well give selling my goods a try and everything I make will go towards the process of giving John a little brother or sister.

So, thank you for taking a look. If you are interested in purchasing anything, please email me at

Owl Stuffed Plushie
This can be customized on almost any fabric in any size.
Everything is embroidered by hand.
$6.00 for a 5 inch tall version
Price will vary depending on desired size of plushie

Hand Poured, Recycled Car Crayons
These crayons are recycled from old bits of crayons that still have life left in them.
$6.00 for a dozen crayons in a variety of colors
The cars measure approximately 3 inches long

Hand Poured, Recycled Star Crayons

Hand Poured Recycled Legoman Crayons
These crayons are recycled from old bits of crayon that still have life left in them.
$4.00 for a dozen crayons in a variety of colors
The crayons are approximately an inch tall

Embroidered Canvas Bag
This canvas bag is just an example.
 The bag is a simple cream colored canvas, although I can dye
 the bag another color if you would like.
All of the embroidery and sequins are sewn by hand.
If you are interested in a bag, we can customize a design for you.
(This price depends on the complexity of the design you choose.)
Felt Mixtape Change Purse
This can be customized in almost any color felt and with any title that will fit in the space
Felt Stuffed Plushie
These are just two examples
Examples of other plushies that can be made: Dog, owl, car, train, tractor, snake, etc.
Starting at $6.00

Handmade Wooden Blocks
These blocks are cut, sanded and sealed with a handmade soywax sealer.
These can also come painted in different colors if you would like.
$15.00 for a dozen blocks in a variety of sizes

Wooden Stacking Toy
This stacking toy comes with three wooden dowels in a circular wooden base.
It includes 20 small stackable disks
Everything is cut, sanded and sealed with a handmade soywax sealer.
The disks can be painted a variety of colors
Customized Shirts for Infants and Children
The shirts can be hand embroidered or batiked (the style of the center shirt) with a design of your choosing.
Shirts will generally be a simple white cotton material.
Starting at $8.00 depending on the complexity of the design

Felt Bunting
Customizable with any message.
Examples: Happy Birthday, Welcome, Happy Holidays, Child's Name
Different colors available
Starting at $15.00 depending on the amount of characters in the message

Spiral Finger Maze
Hand Cut and Watercolor Painted
This maze is designed to help calm and focus a little one as they silently work their finger through the spiral. The finger groove can also hold a marble that can be guided out of the spiral.
Approximately 12in x 12in

Felt Board
Hand embroidered felt board and Old MacDonald/Farm pieces.
This set comes with the cow, pig, farmer, tractor, chicken. barn, horse and lamb.
The board is metal so that the pieces can magnetically stick to the scene. Since it is metal it is a bit heavy. The board will be predrilled with holes so that it can be affixed to the wall or placed on the floor depending on your needs.
Appx 18in x 18in
This can also be customized to include any story or scene you may choose, such as Under the Sea, A City, Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Monster Earrings
$4.00 per pair